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My names Ryan, I like good music and video games ~ League of Legends, Team Solomid, Modest Mouse, Game of Thrones, landscape, Sheebs
My side blog is fuckyeahteamsolomid


*steps over the border into california* 

*red hot chili peppers plays*

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League of Legends: Zed Idle Sprite by ThumbzDown

Arcade Sona! - Another print I sold at the con :) I main Ashe still but sona and lulu are my go-to supports ;) 

The view from the tree-house at my parents house in northern Wisconsin. One fall I slept out here from October through mid-December. It is a wonderful feeling to fall asleep with a view out over the lake listening to the loons call.

clouds : : up in the sky by life journey
Anonymous said: wow i just notice your blog @.@ you're cute .... hello hi lol

yes thank i know… hello